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    • By lunababymoonchild
      This is either a short story or a novella - I've seen it referred to both - around 94 pages (my copy).  I read it in two sittings.
      The book is about a poor fisherman who finds a giant pearl and the aftermath.  I thought I knew what would happen but I didn't.  Superb writing and a great story with much in the way of poignancy, well worth reading.
    • By mac
      I seem to reading a lot of John Steinbeck at the moment, his writing is so good I`m hooked.
      This is my latest read.
      Set in an unknown country which has been invaded, it deals with the population`s reaction and response to this.
      It was published in 1942 and what I found very interesting was the reception it received in different countries. The Americans critics thought that Steinbeck made the invaders too human, while in most occupied European countries it was very well received with much secret printing taking place.
      Prehaps the characterization is not as good as in say the Grapes of Wrath but I found this very readable and finished it in almost one sitting. I have to add it is not a long book, only 112 pages.
    • By Dan
      Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck was a perfect antidote to the heaviness and heavy lifting of Faulkner and the mean spirited jaundice of John Fante. This is a sweet, clever, fun and funny book which looks for the oft hidden nobility in people, while gently poking fun at the inherent absurdities of life.
      The storyline is a continuation of Cannery Row. Doc is back from the war but feeling an unaccustomed emptiness, which the other denizens of Cannery Row try to help him fill. He tries to remedy it with scientific study, but it turns out what he really needs is a girl.
      This is actually a very literate and philosophical romantic comedy, though there is never any real doubt as to the outcome. I love the characters and Steinbeck's writing and couldn't care less that the plot is ridiculous. In these Monterey novels Steinbeck just makes me feel better about life and my fellow man.
      Tempting to say only 3.5 stars because the bar was so low, but dangit, I loved the experience of reading this book and I'm giving it 4stars.
    • By My Friend Jack
      Thanks to a recommendation from someone on the Reading FC site, I read this book a few weeks ago. Most enjoyable, although not the sort of thing I would usually try. I mentioned it to a colleague recently, who said that one of Steinbeck's books (I can't remember which ) was her all-time favourite.
      Anyway, this is certainly a refreshing change from my usual diet of sci-fi, fantasy and biogs!
    • By mac
      This novel is immense and compelling, one of the best books I have ever read.
      Set against the migration of families from the dust bowl of Oklahoma to California. It follows the Joad family and the hardships they experience.
      I could not put it down.
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