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What was the last album you bought?

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Slightly off topic, but there's been tons of publicity this week for the fact that Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock" is the 999th UK Number 1. This has completely overshadowed the appearance at Number 3 of Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" which is some 20 years old. Good to see some proper rock'n'roll back in the charts. ;)


Kasabian are also in the Top 10, I believe.

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It was released on the back of a DVD of some of their early material, I believe. They also had a sizeable hit last year with another of their classics (Run To The Hills possibly - not sure).


I didn't really appreciate them when they were at their peak (like a lot of 80s rock which I considered at the time to be stuck in the past) but nowadays I'm just glad to hear something that I like! :)

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Wow my friend lent me her entire CD collection......about 20 CDs...all I need to do is upload them now! Now let's see....there's 3 Red Hot Chilli Peppers, 2 Kings Of Leon, No Doubt, 2 The Strokes, 2 The Libertines, White Stripes, Sex Pistols, Bomb the Rocks, The Zutons, 2 The Clash, Blur, Fat Boy Slim and Bjork

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Elvis also looks odds-on to nab the 1,000th number one - perhaps this very weekend. RCA (or whomsoever oversees RCA these days) have, in their wisdom, decided to reissue all 'The King''s UK number ones successively (ie over 17 weeks - it doesn't include 'A Little Less Conversation' from 2002), so he should add to his tally of nineteen thus far.


Kasabian are set to appear on TOTP this week with their surprisingly okay single 'Cutt Off' - assuming the show isn't axed once and for all. I'm not sure I'd really describe them as 'indie', though. They seem to appeal to followers of 'new prog', and I'm told they cut it quite well live.


However, I'm still struggling with the notion that Iron Maiden constitute 'proper rock 'n' roll'!

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RCA is now Sony-BMG, I understand. Aah, globalisation...


Whoever they are, they seem to be making it up as they go along. At the end of 2004, they said they would re-issue all 18 of Elvis's Number 1s in chronological order - which meant starting with All Shook Up. As they started with Jailhouse Rock, and this week's release is One Night, they have clearly had second and third thoughts. And now they seem to be going with 17 instead of 18?


Not sure about Elvis being Number 1 this week. As sales figures are not made publicly available, and as I have no idea what's hot and what's not on this week's new release schedule, I don't have any way of forming an accurate opinion. However, James Masterson (who does the chart commentary on the Official UK Chart web site) seems to think it's unlikely. I hope he's wrong!


As for Iron Maiden being "proper rock'n'roll," I was trying to find a phrase that covered Elvis and IM. I was vaguely aware as I wrote it that it wasn't quite right - with hindsight, I feel the word "music" would have sufficed. ;)


Whilst we are on the subject of the charts, the UK singles and (legal)download charts are soon to be combined - and about time, too. As well as meaning that album tracks will be eligible for the UK charts without being released as singles, it will also open the possibility of much longer chart runs and even - gulp - records (or whatever we should call them now) climbing the UK charts! Over the course of the last few weeks, Christmas oldies by Slade, Wham!, Mariah Carey and the Darkness have been in the download Top 40 - and so has Cat Stevens' original recording of Father And Son. Aerosmith's 1998 hit, I Don't Want To Miss a Thing, is a new entry at 36 on the latest download chart (was Armageddon on TV over Christmas by any chance?). And U2's Vertigo has returned to the Number 1 spot on the download chart, despite being at 30 on the singles chart.


An interesting time is ahead for UK chartwatchers...

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MFJ - are you sure the combined download/singles chart is what we want? It sounds to me like we're going to end up with the same kind of stagnant mess that constitutes the US singles chart. ("As opposed to the stagnant mess we have already?" I hear you cry, perhaps not unreasonably!) The concept of records actually climbing the charts for the first time in twelve years would be a welcome one, though, I agree...


Oh and Elvis is, indeed, 'odds on' to top the chart with 'One Night' this evening: it's sold at least 5,000 more than the new Manics single and The Killers at midweek #s 2 and 3. (The reason 18th #1 'ALLC' hasn't been reissued is that the powers that be don't see it as an 'Elvis' record, which is fair enough, since it isn't really - it's a JXL record...)


Okay, now I have to get to grips with Iron Maiden constituting 'music'...

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Deinonychus - thanks for the reply, which I've only just spotted.


I think the industry has to do something with the charts. They certainly are a mess at the moment, partly because of the way that music (singles) have been promoted in the last couple of decades. Nowadays, everything reaches radio 2 or 3 months before it's in the shops. When I was a boy, records were usually in the shops by the time they got picked up by radio. The result is that, nowadays, anyone who's going to buy a single does so the week it hits the shops. What's interesting is that this is rarely the case outside the UK.


Also, worth picking up on another Elvis point. The re-issues in 2005 are limited editions of 27,000 each. Jailhouse Rock sold just over 21,000 in its first week, getting to Number 1. By definition, last week's sales were less than 6,000, but it still managed a Number 10 placing yesterday. Iron Maiden's Bring Your Daughter singles from the early 1990s was notorious for being the lowest selling Number 1 ever - with sales totalling around 100,000. Clearly, the bottom has fallen out of the singles market... or has it? In the last week of 2004, there were more legal downloads than singles sold. Combining the two charts seems the obvious move.


Perhaps I ought to mention that the charts exist as a source of information for the music industry. The fact that many of us find them fascinating is a fortunate side-issue. Ultimately, though, they serve to tell the music industry what is popular. The singles charts have become less and less relevant in recent years because they have been telling the industry what it already knows. Therefore, airplay charts and pre-release charts have become more important to the industry, although these are not readily available to us mere mortals.


Combining the legal download and singles sales charts seems to me to be the only way of a proper UK chart surviving the next couple of years. The alternative (God help us) is a US-style chart determined largely by airplay. That's really why I favour the combined chart. It's that or goodnight!

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(aka let's see how 'un-cool' caldron really is . . . )


The Sound of White ~ Missy Higgins

Peachtree Road ~ Elton John

ABC Airplay #7 ~ Various artists from ABC local radio (our BBC Radio)

High ~ The Blue Nile

Greatest Hits ~ Robbie Williams

Everyone is Here ~ The Finn Brothers

Riot on an Empty Street ~ The Kings of Convenience

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'Eveningland' by HEM was the last CD I bought. This album is their second one and their material just gets better. I find it quite difficult to describe the band and do them justice. They are a New York band but their wonderful lead singer hails from Texas, they tour with piano, double bass, violins, mandolins and guitars. This rich mix of instruments along with Sally Ellysons voice, thoughtful lyrics and beautiful arrangements creates gorgeous timeless songs that sweep you up and pull you along -lullabys for adults.


Rabbitsongs was their first album.


You can listen to samples on Amazon or their website here


I can't stop listening to it, I've seen them live a few times and they are touring in the UK in Feb/March hurrah! Bob Harris loves them!! They should be known everywhere. Have to hear it to believe it.

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I was in London yesterday, so popped into HMV for a few minutes (as you do). They had one copy of The Essential Cheap Trick, a "best of" covering 1976 to 2002. The tracks I really wanted were both on there - Surrender and Scent of a Woman. This will be my pre-match entertainment on the way to see the mighty Royals play the Tractor Boys of Ipswich tomorrow.

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I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 discs. Bit miffed to see that Tesco are now selling the set at under a tenner now!


I was surprised by a lot of things - I've always felt (based on Trick of the Tail, which I used to have on vinyl) that they didn't miss Gabriel as much as might have been expected. Phil Collins has a similar vocal range, and I think they just acquired a more commercial sound from 1976 - no bad thing, though. As I said earlier, I didn't realise how many of their songs I knew - the ones from Duke (esp. Misunderstanding). If I had to pick a favourite Genesis era, it would be 1976-78. A favourite track (for nostalgic reasons) would be I Know What I Like - I bought it without having heard it, and it immediately became one of my favourite sounds of 1974, and always reminds me of O-level revision.


I expect this to be one of my most-played CDs on 2005.


Any more you need to know? ;)

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