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    • By megustaleer
      I'm surprised that there is no thread on this book, as I know that some members have read it. But maybe only Topcat has actually finished it, which he did in an amazing 24 hours.
      If anyone else wants to attempt that, I would recommend taking care over which translation you choose. Topcat read a ginormous 1358 page volume. The two newest translations are shorter one at 1285 pages, and the other. 2/3 the size, at a slimline 898.
    • By Adrian
      How do you people read this stuff? I found this quite a chore to read, not helped in the slightest by what felt like a translation by machine (actually David McDuff for Penguin Classics). I liked the story within a story, and especially setting it all on a train, but the writing style I felt was quite jarring
      It reads like I'm being lectured at by a divorced, drunken Russian philosophy student in a dodgy bar in Omsk. And it's barely a hundred pages long. I'll think I'll stick to Dostoevsky.
    • By Nuggie
      Hello everyone,
      I'm looking to get The Death of Ivan Ilyich for a friend for Christmas but I'm specifically looking for a Russian copy
      I'm been scouring the internet trying to find said copy but to no avail. Does any body know where I might be able to find it?
      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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