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All We Ever Wanted Was Everything - Bauhaus

Made me chuckle to see you post that, Momac ???????? The very title itself seems so out of character for you????????

The first time WE fall in love-The Kinks

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Have heard the name, don't think I've ever heard the song, if it's even one you can listen to and understand the words.  What happens is I remember titles and this song was a longer title than the one I had thought of so used it hence the Bauhaus post-punk stuff whatever that is.  Am not really a modern music fan although some of the more ballad type songs are nice.  Tried listening to Prince just to see what all the fuss was about and it was quite a production, not too much of him just singing.  Anyway that's how these songs appear on this thread by me a lot of the time.  I think the songs and groups must appeal to the emotions of people at a certain age or in certain circumstances just the way the older ones appeal to me.  I just hope I don't fall afoul of the lyrics some time and post something obscene. :D


When I Fall in Love               -    Nat King Cole                 (and I do like this one)

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