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Deino and donnae - I nearly put Deborah Kerr, but I was fairly sure that someone else had sung her vocals for her.


Harriett - they (ostensibly) wrote it (it was really Paul's song) but it was recorded under the name of The Beatles.


You Beat The Hell Outta Me - The Motors

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Dead - Pixies


Simple Minds were tolerable until around 1984 when they decided they'd like to be U2 instead. Does the world need more than one overblown pompous self-important bunch of Celts? Discuss.

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Dead Souls - Joy Division


'Yer Minds' were pretty good until around 1985, IMO (my comment was referring to Ace of Base). 'Sons & Fascination' still sounds pretty good. Five other overblown bands with ideas way above their stations (some Celts, some not): 1 Muse 2 T'Pau (God, how awful were they?) 3 Nickelback (and any number of pseudo-angst clones) 4 Big Country 5 The Mission (Bubbling under: Feeder?)

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The Soul of my Suit - T Rex


Surely Bolan should take the award for overblown everything? He did make some good records, but always went totally OTT at the same time. Lyrics, clothes, self-importance, the lot! Somehow, though, I always liked him and his music.


"You damaged the soul of my suit

You ravaged the runes of my tunes but you're not a bad girl..."

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