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Grace Lawson is living a happy, straightforward life in the suburbs with her husband, Jack, and two young children. But that security is about to come to a brutal end.


For when Grace picks up a set of holiday snaps, amongst them is one shot that doesn't fit: a faded image of a life that Grace doesn't recognise and of her husband as she never knew him.


Within twelve hours, Jack has disappeared, a brutal hitman is stalking her family and the safe world she knows has been turned upside down. And all Grace can see is that the past is coming back to haunt the present and people are getting hurt...



<iframe width="180" height="180" scrolling="no" frameborder=0 src="http://rcm-uk.amazon.co.uk/e/cm?t=bookgrouponli-21&l=st1&search=just%20look%20harlan%20coben&mode=books-uk&p=33&o=2&f=ifr&bg1=C6E7DE&lc1=082984&lt1=_blank"> <table border='0' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' width='468' height='362'><tr><td><A HREF='http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/redirect-home/bookgrouponli-21' target=_blank ><img src="http://images-eu.amazon.com/images/G/02/associates/recommends/default_180x180.gif" width=180 height=180 border="0" access=regular></a></td></tr></table></iframe>

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do I understand correctly that his is #8 on the best-seller list? (just trying to figure out the code in here)


I read Coben's "Tell No One", and was riveted; however, subsequent forays into his work proved to be very disappointing to me--I find him predictable and non-engaging----although his plot ideas are really interesting.

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Yes Abby, in this section we have listed out our top sellers in the UK in order as given to us by Nielsen Bookscan.


This will be different to what you've got on the bestseller list over in California, but we've got a selection of the current top sellers over in the USA bestseller forum.

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    • By Aixelsyd
      This is an awsone, if somewhat predictable, book.
      David Beck's wife is taken from him on their anniversary, she is found a few months later dead on the side of the road. Eight years later Beck starts getting mysterious e-mails containing information that only him and his wife know. This makes him think that his wife might just be alive all these years.
      There is someone very powerful in the city who wants Elizabeth Beck to stay dead. Eight years ago she started unearthing information that threattens said powerful man's reputation.
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      I was given 3 Omnibus editions last birthday, each featuring 3 of the Myron Bolitar series.
      Having just finished the first of 9, Deal Breaker, I think I might struggle getting through them all.
      Entertaining enough in its way, but the set-up is a bit far-fetched, and the humour a bit repetitive so that it became mildly irritating half way through. The mystery / crime bit is quite well done but not very gripping. (In opening this thread I had to go and have a quick peek at Amazon to remind me of the plot.)
      I am now 2/3rds into the 2nd one, Drop Shot, and much the same comments apply.
      Any fans out there in BGO-land? Does the style remain constant or does it evolve as the series progresses?
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