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China Miéville is one of my favourite authors so I'm not very good at criticising him. 


King Rat is his first book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a re-telling of an old story that is pretty much told to most, if not all, children: The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Miéville makes a very good job of telling the tale in his way and it's not immediately obvious that that is the tale he's telling. 


So, Saul Garamond comes home late one night and decides not to speak to his father, with whom he lives, and goes straight to bed. He is rudely awoken the next morning by the police hammering on his door and is arrested for murdering his father, about which he knows nothing. Then the story gets weird after that. Not to mention very interesting. 


China Miéville is a stunning writer with an imagination that is incredible.  I always enjoy his books and this one is as much out of the ordinary as the other ones I've read. Nobody does it like China Miéville



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