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Reduced price horror book on Amazon


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My book of short stories In the Heart of the Garden Is a Tomb is available on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents on March 18, 2022, through March 20, 2022. Regular price is $3.99, which isn't bad. It's free for those of you who have Kindle Unlimited.

The title comes from a poem by pulp-horror writer Clark Ashton Smith. The poem is about how initial perceptions can be misleading, and how dark secrets often hide in the midst of beauty.

“Gunplay” is about a retired factory worker who one day finds a pistol left in his trash can, and from that point on ends up making a series of decisions that lead to dreadful consequences.

“The Keeper of Cat’s Back Ridge” concerns a trio of young men who make a terrifying discovery in an ancient graveyard deep in the northwoods.

The protagonist of “Cutter” is a girl who struggles to come to terms with a tragic family incident that has her searching both inwardly and outwardly for redemption.

“The Transmutation of Rhoda Beekman” involves a car crash, a resurrection and a woman suddenly ill at ease in her own body.

Other stories feature a merchant who sells human skulls, an aging actor who battles through madness in an attempt to keep his fading career alive, a bachelor farmer who is confronted by an ancestry riddled with terror, a general who earned his stars by making a pact with a demon who now refuses to let loose of him, and a waitress suddenly inspired to make beautiful paintings from nightime visions dark and foreboding.

My name is Joe Pawlowski and I’m a retired journalist living in New Hope, Minnesota.

In the Heart of the Garden Is a Tomb is my sixth book.

I hope you get a chance to read and enjoy it.

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