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A Death in the East by Abir Muckherjee

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This is the fourth book in the Captain Sam Wyndham  books. The first book a Rising Man was set in Calcutta in 1919. Wyndham served in the 'Great War' and then travelled to India to start/renew his career as a police officer. The first three books all set in Calcutta seemed to capture the time and the place and the interesting dynamic between Wyndham and his Indian sergeant made for a interesting books


This fourth book deviated from the pattern by staging the first half, at least, of the book between East End London in 1905 when Wyndham was a new police constable and the hills of Assam in 1922 where Wyndham is being treated for opium addiction. The story was ok and the mystery well worked out but for me the main reason for reading these is the fact they are set in Calcutta in the 1920's and the interaction between Sam and his sergeant Banerjee. Unfortunately for most of this book Banerjee is not present and the East End of London stuff has all been done before.


For me it was slower and not as engaging as the other books and the 1905 story had the feel of a previous story Muckherjee had written and was amended to fit in to this book. As a series tho, if you like murder mysteries I'd highly recommend them. 


  A Rising Man (Sam Wyndham): Amazon.co.uk: Mukherjee, Abir: 9781846559013: Books


Death in the East: Wyndham and Banerjee Book 4 (Wyndham and Banerjee series): Amazon.co.uk: Mukherjee, Abir: 9781787300576: Books

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