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Another Prime Reading freebie and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed it I was slightly disappointed by the ending as to me it didn't, it just stopped with a number of unanswered questions.


The premise of the story is a woman who leaves her family and joins a cult. Only to turn up again a number of years alter after the family she left behind has moved on.  I have watched a number of documentaries on cults to know how they work and get into peoples heads and this felt very accurately written.  I loved the in depth narration detailing everything and laying out the story and almost walking you through it step by step and showing you how and more importantly why everything happened the way it did and it really captivated me from the start.


There were two time lines the 'now' timeline was written from three different perspectives, 'Kate' the person who was brainwashed by the cult, 'Abbi' the daughter she left behind and 'Meredith' the new wife and stepmother to Abbi.  Then there is the 'then' timeline explaining how and why Kate got involved with the cult and her back story and that is told completely from her perspective.  The fact it was so in depth made the ending seem all the more jarring. I can see why it ended like it did but in my opinion it shouldn't have done so, there should've been an epilogue to round it off and answer the questions that were just left hanging there at the end unanswered.

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Possibly, but I don't think so, as IMO there really wouldn't be enough of a story there to make another book, and if they did it would just be milking it. It was just a number of basic unanswered questions mainly surrounding 'Kate' the woman who went to the cult.  Questions which you had because the story had been so in depth and so well written. The story from the perspective of the family she left behind and the second wife was complete, you were just left thinking 'but what happened to Kate in the end?' and a simple epilogue answering them probably written from the daughters POV would've just been enough.  

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