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The true story of the Witold Pilecki, a member of the Polish Resistance who 'volunteered' to go in to Auschwitz to find out what was happening there and to create an underground organisation with the hopes of one day starting an uprising to free the prisoners. At the time of his imprisonment, Auschwitz was mainly a work camp, the Final Solution had not yet been fully envisioned by the Nazis. Over time his reports made it to the Polish Resistance in Warsaw, the Polish Government in Exile in London and the UK and US governments but each time his calls for bombardment of the camp were rejected. Not for humanitarian reasons (protecting the innocents on the ground) but because the UK and US governments thought a better use of their resources were to continue with their efforts to defeat Germany. Witold eventually escaped, he rejoined the resistance and fought in the uprising in Warsaw in 1944. The uprising saw 130,000 people killed by the Nazis and after the uprising was crushed the complete destruction of Warsaw. After the war, with Poland under Communist rule, Witold was arrested and condemned for Treason and was executed.   

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