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This is the fifth in a series featuring DI Adam Fawley set in Oxford and the first I've read. A male student accuses his female Oxford professor of sexual harassment, he's a six footer, rugby player, she's a very good looking star in her 40's. 18 years ago the DI was responsible for putting a vicious rapist behind bars, he is still convinced that the man was guilty but he's pretty sure he was convincted on false evidence. The man is now appealling.


It's fast paced, very well written and utterly convincing as far as the police proceedual goes but there were a couple of things that really bugged me.


Firstly the layout is gimmickly; different type faces for emails, speech etc which doesn't really matter appart from the screen shots of phones with WhatsApp conversations on them which are impossible to read on a normal ereader.


Secondly a couple of the women feel as if they're being stalked/watched and do nothing about it, which given they're frightened seems pretty unbelievable (not saying more because of spoliers). And the denouement was a bit far fetched.


That said, it was still an excellent read and I'll look out the previous books in the series.


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