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42 minutes ago, hux said:


See, I didn't know that.


It is mentioned in The Beginners Guide to Book Group Online , but is not very prominent, and I dont think any one bothers to read the front page. It has also been mentioned frequently when anyone posts a sales link to another site - but that is also probably not seen by anyone but the person who posted the link (and who probably never bothers to return to BGO thereafter)


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20 minutes ago, megustaleer said:

 The link on my computer that I use to access Amazon is copied from the banner at the top of the page here, so i don't even have to visit BGO to use it.  I am hoping that means that everything I buy from Amazon  puts a couple of pence into BGO's coffers.



That's what I do.  

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4 hours ago, Hazel said:

It is impossible to quantify that. Purchases, each different type of purchase, attracts a different percentage kicked back to BGO. But we need to make about £150 a year from the affiliate programme to keep the site running without having to ask the membership for money. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but right now, with the memberS we have that use the Amazon banners, we make about £70 a year. Those percentages, that Amazon give us, has decreased year on year as Amazon squeeze the kickback. 

To provide how many would be required, would require me to know how many people will use the banner and what they are going to buy, precisely. 

I'd happily go through the Amazon banner however I'm in France and post Brexit am naturally buying everything through Amazon France. If I clicked on the banner and then click again at the bottom of the page to the French site would you get the kickback?

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I don’t think so Viccie. The banners are UK site only. We used to receive kickback from the US site as well, but the money went to a US based member who would transfer the money to us - it was very little indeed. 

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Blimey! That's a roller coaster of a thread. I make one of my random periodical appearances and after reading all that I feel kind of guilty now that I don't drop by more often than I do. 


I've always liked this group but my reading habits are pretty hit and miss. It's all or nothing with me. I'm either reading nothing at all or devouring every book in sight. (I'm currently doing the latter at the moment which prompted my return). For what it's worth, I'm glad that the group appears to be carrying on.

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