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This is a short book, some 120 pages, but it packs in a lot of information. The book is divided up into chapters called books which are further divided up into paragraphs which are numbered.  There are notes to go with these which I didn't find at all useful so I ignored them.


These are the thoughts  of Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher. Although the book is divided up these thoughts don't seem to be in any kind of order. I had trouble when I started reading this because I heard Les Crane narrating Desiderata - for those of us who are old enough to remember that! - in my head so that was a challenge for me but this is very similar without the American accent and in more formal english prose.  I didn't think that anything in this book stood out as particularly Stoic, rather it came across as the wisdom of a man who thought a lot even in the middle of a war and then decided to write his thoughts down.  



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