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Book four in the Carter Blake Series (of 5). Carter is enjoying his time off just a little too much and then he gets an email out of the blue from a complete stranger that leads to a race-against-time man hunt and a ruthless hit-man.  Very entertaining, just enough story to keep me interested and a nice palate cleanser after Samuel Beckett's Malone Dies.

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    • By lunababymoonchild
      Third in a series of Carter Blake race-against-time (this, apparently is a 'thing') novels.
      The secret government run operations department that Blake used to work for is now hunting for him.  He has something they want and they are prepared to do literally anything to get it.  Blake, however, was trained by them and knows their every move but they also know his, or so it seems.  A cat and mouse novel this is all about the chase and so-called secret American operations.
      Pretty standard stuff it's an easy and fairly entertaining read, it kept my interest for the whole read and I did not guess the details of the end although I did guess the broad ending.
    • By lunababymoonchild
      This was chosen for me by a bookseller in the Waterstones that I frequent as part of the reading challenge that I did this year with my friend Apple, sometimes of this board.
      This is the first in a trilogy of books about the character Carter Blake, although Carter Blake isn't his real name.  Cross prefers to keep Blake fairly anonymous and he is brought in to help the FBI to hunt for an escaped prisoner (the Chicago 'Sniper') who likes to kill.  The book details not only the hunt for the criminal but also the breakdown in relations with the FBI and subsequent consequences.
      I loved this book, it's well written and fast-paced and it's suitably different to keep me interested.  There were enough plot twists to make it unpredictable and altogether provided me with a very satisfying read.
    • By lunababymoonchild
      This is the second book in a series by Mason Cross.   I read the first in the series last year.
      This one is more of the same and frankly I'd have given up on it around halfway through if I hadn't already given up on the two previous books.  I'm glad that I stayed with it though because my guess about who the protagonist is and what happened at the end was wrong. 
      It's an easy read, well written and after around halfway, very interesting.
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