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BGO Crime Book Quiz

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Belinda, the idea is that you only answer one question at a time. That was why Chris said one answer per post. You have to wait until someone else answers a question before coming in with another.


See the first post in the thread:


I'd better preface this with Bill's guidelines (OK rules):


Someone volunteers to set the quiz questions, which can be a mix or themed. The rule is that you can only answer one question at a time and must wait for another member to post an answer before you can answer another question. (Otherwise one person could answer them all and ruin it for everyone.) Whoever sets the quiz must be prepared to come back regularly and say whether answers are correct or not. Also, they should update the questions every now and then, with the answers in place.


Would you mind deleting your last three posts before it's too late? Thanks.

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19. Correct

16. Kay Scarpetta was what I was looking for, but maybe Zen does too.

17. Correct

26. Megustaleer has it right.


The current standings:


1. megustaleer 8

2. starry 2

3= Claire 1

3= Royal Rother 1

3= Jane Nadia 1

3= lucyb 1

3= elfstar 1

3= Flingo 1

3= belinda 1


I think meg's going to have to be handicapped in the next quiz :D

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Here is where we are:


1. How many whacks did Olive Martin deliver? Legally, none

2. Whose short-lived partner was Archer?

3. Archie did the legwork for whom?

4. What make of car did Morse drive? Jaguar and Lancia

5. Who drives a car called Armstrong, and has cat called Springsteen?

6. Who invited Kenzie to have a drink before the war? Jim Vurnan, Senator Sterling Mulkern, Senator Brian Paulson

7. For which family member did Bonasera seek justice?

8. Which reporting duo investigated the death of Thurmond Call?

9. Kurt Wallander polices which country? Sweden

10. A is for Alibi, but what are B and C? B is for Burgular and C is for Corpse

11. Who was Tennison's prime suspect? George Marlow

12. Where does Mrs Raisin live? Carsely

13. When not sleuthing, how does Charles Paris earn a living? Acting

14. Who investigated the murders in the Rue Morgue? Auguste Dupin

15. Who wrote Rache in blood on a wall? Jefferson Hope

16. Who has a lesbian niece called Lucy? Dr Kay Scarpetta

17. Who played baccarat at Deauville? Bond, James Bond

18. Which bar does Nick Stefanos tend? The Spot

19. Who listens to jazz in Nottingham? Resnick

20. Who stole the Empress of Blandings?

21. Which crooked mayor ruled the Twenty-seventh city?

22. Which flowers didn't Miss Blandish get? Orchids

23. Which city houses the 87th Precinct? New York

24. One for the money, but how many big ones are there? Ten

25. Who's the only Jewish Cowboy detective in the village? Kinky Friedman

26. In what year did the housesitters meet the coypu man? 1976

27. Who got away with it by feeding the leg of lamb to the police? The ToTU woman

28. Ponsonby ruined whose perfectly good hangover by turning up dead?

29. How did Mma Ramotswe's employee help men at school? She gave typing lessons

30. Who wrote The Singing Detective? Dennis Potter


Clues for the rest:


2. Lew Archer's partner was V-shaped. The eyes, the chin. When he saw one, he called it one.

3. Was his boss a fiddle player?

5. You either know this author or not. You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

7. Bonasera was a funeral director. He believed in America.

8. Admittedly a rather unknown book, but with "Train"ing you will get it.

20. I must go look this up. I thought it was the Earl of Emsworth's neighbour, but he might have been the one who stole the Cow Creamer.

21. This question is ambiguous, but I have published many corrections and seconded strongly worded motions to the contrary.

28. I think Ponsonby died in Scotland, but I don't know Jack.

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You've got it Grammath.


I always worried my questions might be a bit...esoteric. They were based purely on crime novels I'd read over the past year (one answer is in my sig!). I was thinking of a quiz similar to your BGOIV, but you beat me to it! I like the idea though.

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