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From Innocence to Arrogance

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My name is Ezekiel King. I am a new crime Author that has written a book like no other.  Having been born and raise on a poor council estate in the midlands I made a terrible decision to get involved with crime. I was 14 years old and remained a criminal for 14 years.  I have written the most detailed exciting crime book to date. My problem is that I need people like yourself to read my book “from innocence to arrogance” and review and share it in all forums.  The book explains how adolescents are integrated into a criminal life. The book then follows this journey on.
The aim is for the world to wake up and see the flaws with the lifestyle. “A criminal deterrent of new proportions”  Please read and review my book. Also if you know any other reputable book reviewers or people with major followings, could you please pass this message on.  Thank you so much as you’re help is needed. When... if you read my book. This message will make perfect sense.  
If people think they know what happens on the street I would consider them to be terribly mistaken. this Book exposes the truth in what is happening under the nose of millions of people, this isn’t scripted or ‘my take’ on a criminal integration and lifestyle. This is real life and raw, it’s not the story of one, but the story of anyone who has ever been considered to be a 'someone'. I made sure when writing this story it was generic so that it would not apply to one family in England but i wanted every criminal family/organisation to be able to relate globally. I didn’t write it to explain my journey, I wrote it to explain ‘the journey' (Criminals start by robbing, progress to selling drugs and end up hurting people) This is what really happens and why. This is what kids like Cyrus and any other major criminal were doing at the age of fifteen. Ask yourself, what were you doing at fifteen?

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