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Review of the Year: 2019


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This year has been fairly decent reading wise, I managed a total of 36 books.  Much less than last year but I have also been reading unpublished stuff on Wattpad and Wordpress.  There is a lot of crap on there but if you are prepared to look you can find odd gems here and there.


I haven't really seen any films this year as I haven't been to the cinema. But the telly has produced a number of excellent dramas. 2020 has a number of my favourite bands releasing new stuff but this year the stand out album for me was from Slipknot.




Favourite Book: Times Convert by Deborah Harkness

Favourite TV Programme: Chernobyl (close second: A Christmas Carol - the one from the makers of Peaky Blinders with Guy Pierce as Ebeneezer Scrooge and Stephen Graham as Jacob Marley)

Favourite Film:

Favourite Music Album/Song:    Album – Slipknot: We are not your Kind/ Song – A Liar’s Funeral by Slipknot, from the album ‘We are not your Kind’


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I did very well reading wise, reading a total of 55.  More than I have ever read in my life before.  Feeling ill most of the time was what gave me the opportunity.  Could not pick a favourite book but I am proud that there were long ones, short ones, fiction, non-fiction and poetry, right across the board. I'm also pleased that I read a few classics this year and more than one author not read by me before. Also in the mix were brand new, long anticipated fiction and I read quite a lot in the way of crafting books too. Altogether a very good mix and only two refusals. The rest of the time I watched TV or I crocheted.

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I think my favourite book of the year has to be Trio by Sue Gee which was a re-read for the book group and every bit as good the second time around.


Discovery of the year; audio books, especially Timothy West reading Trollope.


Not seen a lot of films this year, but I reallyenjoyed Bohemian Rapsody which didn't come to our local cinema untilFebruary.


Favourite TV programme. not sure if Spiral counts as a favourite but it was the most absorbing.

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My two favourite books were "Lowborn" by Kerry Hudson, a non-fiction account of growing up poor in the 1980s and 90s; and a re-reading of A High Wind in Jamaica by Robert Hughes. You have to ignore a couple of lines of casual racism early on, but I think it is one of the most perfect young adult books ever written. 



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overall i read 51 books in 2019 thugh 29 were in the first 6 months and 22 were in the second. Mostly shorter novels. average page length was 249 pages. the longest by my reckoning was my year of meats by ruth ozeki, which was 430 pages which isn't long.


Favourite book  - convenience store woman by sayaka murata


favourite film - in the cinema, i saw four stand outs Booksmart, Thunder Road, Marriage story and last black Man in San Francisco. Each of the 4 brought something different. Booksmart was very funny, last Black man was very thoughtful introspective and marraige story and thunder road both funny but more dramas


tV - Channel 4 did a great job with their sitcom series Home. Funny but thoughtful. My drama highlight has to be POSE. Also got into the Good place


Music Event - Bjork cornucopia tour, second was Lana Del Rey live in June


Music album -  love + fear by marina, winter sun by elva, boat by pip blom, and Jade bird's album.

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