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This book was written thirty years ago (you can tell, central locking in cars seems to have been a novelty and as for mobile phones, non-existent) and it went out of print.  The only Rankin to do so.  Legend has it that a fan persuaded Ian Rankin to give it another read and he realised that it wasn't as bad as he originally thought it was and had it re-released, this year. 


So, it's about a facility that uses satellites to monitor goings on.  Something bad happens and one of the scientists ends up trying to battle secret service agents to find out the truth.  A little far fetched but interesting none the less and an entertaining read.



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I'm currently reading Fleshmarket Close, one of the Rebus books. Still trying to work my way through all of those. Once I've finished one of his books I often wonder if I'll bother reading another one because in some ways they are very similar but immediately I start one the characters are so alive that I'm hooked back in. If and when I finish all the Rebus books I'll start on his other books, like this one. Thanks for the review Luna. 

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