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Successful writers' first novels are often familiar titles, but can you identify the authors of these second novels?


1. Something Happened - Joseph Heller

2. The Water Method Man - John Irving

3. Hear The Wind Sing

4. A Touch of Love - Jonathan Coe

5. Illywhacker - Peter Carey

6. Human Croquet - Kate Atkinson

7. Shuttlecock - Graham Swift

8. My Idea of Fun - Will Self

9. The Dain Curse - Dashiell Hammett

10. Count Zero - William Gibson

11. Surfacing - Margaret Atwood

12. The Outer Dark - Cormac McCarthy

13. In The Country of Last Things - Paul Auster

14. The Inheritors - William Golding

15. The Grass Harp - Truman Capote

16. Sometimes a Great Notion - Ken Kesey

17. Dead Babies - Martin Amis

18. Before She Met Me - Julian Barnes

19. The Pastures of Heaven

20. When She Was Good - Philip Roth


jfp - 5

Adrian - 5

keenomanjaro - 3

tom.allison - 1

megustaleer - 1

Squirls - 1

MisterHobgoblin - 1

Lady Lazarus - 1

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Gone a bit quiet here. Some clues for the remaining unanswered questions:


3. Pinball, 1973

I should have checked my facts here, as I actually gave you the title of this author's debut novel, although "Hear The Wind Sing" was the second to be translated into English.


All round, this one's a bit unfair of me really, as the author, who is 60 this year, has not allowed English translations of either novel to be published outside his native country, so copies are rarer than hen's teeth in the West.


4. A Touch of Love

This was published in 1989 and is the follow up to "The Accidental Woman".


10. Count Zero

This was published in 1986 and is the follow up to a ground breaking work of science fiction.


12. The Outer Dark

This was published in 1968. This author's last two novels have been filmed, the latter, a Pulitzer Prize winner, is to be released this autumn.


19. The Pastures of Heaven

Published in 1932, this was the follow up to "Cup of Gold". The author won the Nobel Prize, and owned a poodle.

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