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I think I came to this book 17 years too late, although I might have felt the same if I had read it the year it was published.

Certainly now, at my advanced age, I no longer suffer fools gladly, and from the very first pages, I thought that Lucy was foolish and Marcus lacking in concern for anything beyond his own desires.

I plodded through part one, not at all interested in the pair of them, and was about to abandon it when something happened that piqued my interest just a little and kept me reading on - not with any more interest in the characters, but wondering how the author was going to explain the situation.


It was that curiosity that carried me through part 2, which was written in two voices - and gave the impression that the author had written the two narrations, then tore each into sections, threw them on the floor and reassembled them in random order. Possibly, had I been more interested, I might have had less trouble knowing which section belonged where. Certainly one was written in the first person and the other in the third but even so, I had to keep looking back to remind myself whose account I was with.


Then came part 3. For the first couple of paragraphs it is not clear who is being referred to - but once a name is mentioned it is obvious that a meeting of some sort will occur. Which it sort of does. But there is no conclusion to any of the questions the reader may have. Which is fair enough in some respects, but the question that pervaded part 1 is never explained.

Not that it could be explained - and are we to think that it is continuing? I shall not be worrying about it.

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I started this a long time ago and abandoned it fairly quickly: I was disappointed, having hugely enjoyed Want You Gone, her first novel.

I can't remember why I didn't like it,  but I think I felt the main woman was a bit of a drip and lacked agency in her own life. 

I have read most of her stuff since then and enjoyed it, though not as much as I enjoyed the first one. How strange to have written one book that your readership generally seems to dislike!

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