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Martin Eden is the story of a young sailor from Oakland who falls blindly in love with Ruth, the sister of a man he saved from a fight. Ruth is elegant, studying lierature at university, bourgois and rather patronising towards the working class, uneducated sailor who neverlheless loves poetry and has a burning desire to learn. Martin decides to make himself worthy of Ruth by educating himself and becoming a writer. The novel is about his struggles to be a success, rejection, the mind-numbing effects of too much hard work and the struggle to be yourself when all those around you don't believe you have it in yourself to fulfill your dreams.


This is a book i'd never have picked up if it hadn't been chosen for one of my book groups and is a prime example of why I belong to them. I was completely caught up in it, it's written in a rather florid, muscular style whch I normally don't like but that didn't matter, it's one of those books where you're happy to have woken early because you've got something so good to read. I was devestated at the end.


Apparently Martin Eden has been an inspiration for generations of aspiring writers.


Highly recommended.

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    • By WanaBook
      I have tried searching for a thread on this book and have come up with nothing, so thought what the hell......
      Something of a luxury when purchased as at 66 pages, the price tag is expensive at £7.99 and yes, I was mug enough to purchase at this price - call it an impulsive buy but one that paid off!!
      "Jack London's dystopian vision of the future was first published in 1912, a century before the Scarlet Plague he envisioned destroying the human population". This man's foresight was amazing although in saying that, it could be my ignorance at play here.
      "The deadly virus which kills in a matter of minutes in some instances, remains a terrifying and prescient prophecy of the perils of globalisation and the damage humans wreak on their environs". The way in which it is written is as if it could have been written today. Encorporating globalisation and the ever topical environment debate in such a way you would not have thought it possible to write at the turn of the century. It seems freakily accurate and plausible; the idea of being wiped out and the few remaining starting again as if we are almost going back to square one. When writing he writes in just enough detail (or not so much as to give away the book's age) to build a picture you feel is current.
      I know a measley few pages but so much packed in so well worth a read. For anyone that has read this, what do you think of the book and author? Has anyone read anything else written by Jack London?
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