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The Institute


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I'm a die hard Stephen King fan and I've only ever started one of his books and decided that I didn't like it (The Gunslinger, part one of the Dark Tower series) and I've been reading him for a very long time. I have started a few that I decided were too horrific for me to read! That said I enjoy his horror fiction most but had to stop reading that as it was affecting my personality, or so my brother told me.


The Institute isn't horror fiction, not by my definition of an SK horror, but it's engaging anyway.  It's about children who are kidnapped, their parents killed and the children locked in an institute where they are tortured and then used to kill, with their minds. When they are used up they die and are cremated.  This, apparently, has been going on for some 50 years or more. One of the kids escapes and that leads to the climax of the book.


I enjoyed the book as far as it went but it felt very familiar so I may have read/seen something similar in the past.  It's the only Stephen King book that I'm not keeping so although I enjoyed it, it's not a keeper - either that or I'm jaded.



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