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I just bought/borrowed/received...


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I had a splurge at Amazon last night - many BGOers will recognise books they have mentioned - so thanks for the recommendations one and all!


The Red and the Black - Stendahl

The Assault - Harry Mulisch

Grange House - Sarah Blake

What Was Lost - Catherine O'Flynn

Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay (while I wait for the show on DVD).

Falling Angel - William Hjortsberg

Teacher Man - Frank McCourt

The Child in Time - Ian McEwan

We Have Always Lived in the Castle - Shirley Jackson

The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson

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Just been on Amazon searching out two books for my course that I had to buy second-hand because they're out of print (though they were only published in this century :confused: ) Anyway, any time I've ever tried to buy second-hand stuff there before it hasn't worked, so I was a bit worried this time. But it did work and I can expect Anne Enright's:


The Wig My Father Wore, and

The Pleasure of Eliza Lynch


in the post over the next few days.


The only thing is, when you convert these bargain prices to euro, you might as well just go to a shop and buy them if you can.

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I had a mamouth day, I received Bound Feet & Western Dress and The Bridge, McEwan from Read It Swap It.

Then I also recieved a box of 8 Asian Books from Bookcrossing out of which I took 4 books:

Red Dust

Travels on my Elephant

Distant Land of My Father

Ten Thousand Sorrows

and replaced them with 4 Asian books of my own to post on to someone else.

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I really need to see this Foyles one day. It seems to have a great range.
I would have thought you could get as good a selection in Thins in Edinburgh. Mind you its over a decade since I lived in Scotland and seems far too long since I was at Foyles - they were modernising it when last I was there just before the Millennium I believe.
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