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I just bought/borrowed/received...

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On 25/10/2020 at 07:49, Tom Fitch said:

 I read that one about a year or three ago. I would not say that it was a bad read, but it was disappointing overall. But that may also be down to too high expectations.


It often felt rather sketchy with then some bits that stood out as very good. But then it slumped again. That the story line was not always very clear to me, did not help.


Toole nevertheless captures the seething atmosphere of New Orleans very well. That certainly was a strong point.


Curious to learn how you will rate it.




I was also somewhat disappointed. 


Have posted a review. 

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31 minutes ago, tagesmann said:

I've never got round to reading anything by China Miéville.  Perhaps I should because I really enjoyed The CIty and The City on TV.

The City and The City is amazing but Perdido Street Station is mind blowing, imho (PSS is some 700 odd pages long, TC&TC isn't that long, should that make a difference)

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The last two books I bought were


Word perfect - susie dent (a word for everyday on etymology. I find etymology interesting. I did read Mark forsythe's etymological and horolgicon. Hardest thing on this is remembering what is the date so to read that date's word ;)


Ghost in the throat - doireann ni ghriofa


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The Land of Green Plums by Herta Müller.


Never heard of this woman or her work but she won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2009 for goodness sake so she must worth reading. Right? 


We'll see. This book is apparently her most commercial. 

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5 hours ago, tagesmann said:

I've read it hux.  It's semi-autbiographical if I remember correctly.  It's very good.


Well, it's arrived so here goes...

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