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I just bought/borrowed/received...


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4 minutes ago, lunababymoonchild said:



The ISBN number is not essential nor required on this forum. I mentioned it to show how old the book that I have is - I have an app that lists my books by ISBN, amongst others, so that I can keep a track of my TBR.  


Welcome to the forum btw


Thanks for clearing that up for me and thank you for the welcome 🙂


The book I’m reading at the moment -The Viper of Milan - is a very old copy. Some of the pages are crumbling when I turn the pages. It belongs to a library. 

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Love in a Fallen City: And Other Stories (Penguin Modern Classics) Kindle Edition by Eileen Chang 

Bonjour Tristesse and A Certain Smile (Penguin Modern Classics) Kindle Edition by Françoise Sagan


both for 99p today!


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On 07/08/2018 at 12:51, tagesmann said:


The Last Children of Tokyo - Yoko Towada


Looked for this yesterday in Dublin but unfortunately not in stock.


Though my purchased were


French exit - Patrick Dewitt

Pretend I'm dead - jen begin 

Convenience store woman - sayaka murata

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Bought through the Amazon banner above...


XY&Z - The real story of how the Enigma was broken. by Dermot Turing (Alan Turing’s nephew) 2018


Borrowed from the library - The Uncommon Reader - Alan Bennett. I‘ve  always wanted to read this book. Was hoping to take it on my week’s break but it didn’t arrive on time. Picked it up today.



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1 hour ago, Hazel said:

Ooooh, let me know what this is like please! This keeps entering my consciousness and every time I look at it on Amazon, something puts me off.


I bought it in Sainsbury's for £3.50, which was what was putting me off Amazon's copy.   Yes, I'll let you know

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