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Subtitled : The real Anne Lister.  


This book is about a remarkable woman who lived through the mid to late 19th century and who left detailed diaries of her life.  Some of the diaries were written in code so that Anne was free to say exactly what she wanted, and she had a lot to say.  Anne was a lesbian, at a time in history when there was no language to describe her sexuality.  She was determined to explore it and settle down with a wife. Nothing held her back, if she wanted to do something she just went ahead and did it.  She was a polymath and studied extensively, absolutely anything at all which took her fancy.  She also travelled widely, at a time in history when women were not supposed to travel and certainly not without a companion.  


This book is not only a window into the unknown lives of women who were lesbians it is also an accurate history of the time period by someone who lived through it.


I'd recommend this book.  It's well written and well researched and although Anne's diaries are explicit the book is not.  

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