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Goodnight from London

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Have had this book on my Kindle for some time now and hadn't read it.  It is 1940 and a young female journalist , not long on the job at a New York newspaper, is given the chance to move to a small London weekly by arrangement of her editor who is a friend of an editor in London who has had his staff reduced to three writers because of the war.  She had not long been with the newspaper but her enthusiasm for the small assignments she had been given  attracted the notice of her boss who felt that she might work out well for his London friend and her salary would be shared by both newspapers.


It's not ofen I am brought to tears when reading a book but reading about her going to Coventry and seeing the damage to the beautiful cathedral and attending the mass burial of the people killed in the devastating raid  was terribly saddening.  The story continues with the nightly raids and hardships she has to endure, together of course with the rest of the Londoners and I found it a bit gruelling as I'm sure it was in reality for the people of those times.


I had been thinking a lot of tomorrow's D Day 's commemmorations and the gallantry and sacrifice of those involved in that huge military operation.  And still there is fighting and blood shed in different parts of the world.  Will we ever know total peace?


This is not really a review of the book but more like thoughts provoked by its contents.  It certainly aroused a lot of emotion in me.


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