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Path of the Storm

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Just discovered this book in my Kindle archives and it was unread.  This is unusual because anything by Douglas Reeman I've latched on to it right away and I don't know how I missed this one.  It's about a Captain, Captain Gunnar. who was captured by the Viet Cong and endured unimaginable torture and pain.  He escapes and is awarded a medal for his gallantry and as they don't know quite what to do with him after all the trauma he has suffered he is sent out to captain an older submarine chaser ship to one of the small islands around Taiwan, scoping out the geography of the surrounding islands with the hope that the American navy with the gathered information will help get supplies,, ammunition and perhaps a Polaris submarine to the Nationalist Chinese to help them beat the Communists  which if I'd been smart, would have written the name of the island down so I could say what it was.  There is an Marine colonel supposedly in charge of the penal colony there housing Chinese communists.  He is a man who knows everything and not likely to listen to anyone else's opinion on any matter.


  The ship, Hibiscus, is there awaiting instructions after their survey has been carried out when they are finally directed to sail to Taiwan and the Hibiscus will be replaced by another American ship at the  'nameless' island, except the yeoman has managed to change the message of the sailing date for his own purposes so that the Hibiscus departs a week earlier than the other ship is due to arrive.  Meanwhile the Hibiscus takes off during a typhoon and it's only the excellent seamanship of Captain Gunnar which saves the ship from being driven down into the sea.  He turns the ship around  and heads back to the island as he has been told by the yeoman, who had been attacked brutally on the island and rescued by his shipmates and was lying on his deathbed aboard the ship, that a rebellion was planned and was being headed up by a violent terrrorist.  Captain Gunnar heads back to try to do what he can to warn the very obstinate Colonel about the uprising.  This is an exciting tale, more than what my rambling review shows and I will find out tomorrow how Captain Gunnar saves the day.


Anyone who likes sea stories would enjoy this book, although I am really prejudiced in favour of Douglas Reeman, love his writing and he always makes sure that the hero gets the beautiful girl!  Just a bit of romanticism creeps in but the rest of the story is well worth reading.

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