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Reading IS good for you

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    • By Nedina
      Hello! I'm a third-year Graphic Design student and a fellow book lover! I'm currently doing a project on reading for pleasure and the significance of the book and your help would be extremely helpful. The survey only contains 4 short questions, which won't take much of your time, but would be invaluable to me! Thank you!  
    • By Nedina
      Do you, guys, have a specific story, event or a person that made you love some special book or reading in general? 

    • By lunababymoonchild
      Anybody feel clever?
    • By HmmIt'sABoyReader
      I know you guys might have different opinions, but this is just a normal conversation on whether what you think is the best reading environment.
      I like my reading environments to be a nice quiet area, with me being relaxed and in a nice comfterable chair, or my bed. I love nobody to disturb me, and usually to have a glass of water by my side.
      I don't like to be in loud environments, as it makes my find focus on many different things. Loud people are not suited for my type of reading style, and especially screaming children.
      Post about what you like your reading environments to be
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