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This is a short book, 185 pages long.  It's very well written and very entertaining.  It's advertised as a feminist tome and I suppose it is.  I imagine that when it was published in 1918 very few women went out to work full time, very few women had partners to whom they were not married but with whom they had a baby and their opinion was seldom sought, much less listened to.  There are such women described in this book i.e. women who work, have partners to whom they are not married and with whom they have a baby and their opinion is sought.  Also described is a government which classes all people according to their IQ and decrees that certain low IQs are not allowed to marry and have children and that the high IQs must marry other high IQs and have children to create an intelligent society. This is known - but not mentioned in the book - as selective human breeding or eugenics (the promotion of certain desirable gene groups and the suppression of less desirable gene groups).  Needless to say it doesn't work, even in the fictitious realm that Rose Macauley creates for it.


I'd recommend it for it's entertainment value

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