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This book is a mighty tome.  It is 23cm/10 inches tall and 4cm/2 inches thick.  It weighs 2.438 lbs and is 664 pages long.  It took me 6 weeks to read it (as I expected).  It also gave me a sore arm lifting and laying it, so I would urge caution if you were to consider reading this one.  I chose the Pantianos Classics publication simply because it said on the front that it had both volumes, complete and unabridged. Both volumes are available separately.


Emma Goldman was an anarchist who lived an incredible life of mostly independence.  Sometimes she had to rely on friends and/or comrades to get her by (as do we all from time to time) but on the whole she worked for her money and did as she pleased.  She was born in 1869, in Russia,  so she was an independent woman at a time in history when most women were considered goods and chattels and dependent on the men who kept them.  She travelled the world and endured hardship for what she called her ideal.  Simply put, anarchists believe that central government is wrong and that the people should run the country as a co-operative with no hierarchy.  She campaigned and was jailed for advocating birth control and was also jailed for inciting to riot.   She married early on in her life and was divorced then married late in her life to a British man. She did not have children.


I found it an interesting book on a subject that I was wholly unfamiliar with.  Emma came across as intelligent but judgemental and somewhat cold.  She was also very strong.  She ended up dealing with some horrific events in her life and managed to come out the other end still standing if not unscathed.


Well worth the read even if it was physically demanding.

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