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    • By Hazel
      This book kept popping up in my recommendations on Amazon probably due to my fondness for the likes of Tana French, Chelsea Cain and Gillian Flynn and at £3 odd, how could I say no?
      25 years ago two young girls are tried for murder - the murder of an infant girl. Now, in the present girls are being murdered and the crimes bring together those 2 girls - deep in new lives they have to come face to face with each other and what they did so long ago. The book occasionally returns to the past and we slowly find out what happened to the girls when they murdered a young girl.
      Obviously this book has echoes of Mary Bell and other child killers, though the Mary Bell similiarity has stronger resonance. Parts of the tale are distasteful and uncomfortable. But as a crime novel it is an entertaining read. Marwood isn't as skillful or as inventive as the crime authors I usually get sucked in by but still, it was a good read.
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