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Review of Dry Season by Gabriela Babnik, translated by Rawley Grau


There are some things that are unnerving though unimportant when you start reading a novel. One of those is when a difference in a character's name is spelt differently on the back of the book compared to the actual text of it, I know Ana is one letter away from Anna but it kind of puts me off rhythm. Anyway to the novel at hand, Dry Season  by Gabriela Babnik is about a 62 year old Slovenian woman in Burkina Faso and she starts a relationship with a 27 year old local. I felt a disconnect to it, I just never got into the book when reading.


I was bored reading this book, it didn't do anything for me apart from make my mind seek out distractions, like there is a horrendous line towards the end (third last page) which instead of me just finishing it ad me googling the bad sex award information. I just did not like this book. I think my 2 star rated might be a bit kind.


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    • By iff
      Review of Three Loves, One Death by Evald Flisar, translated by David Limon
      This book is about a family who move from the town to the country when the patriarch of the family dealing with depression and a retreat from life decides on the move. Coming along is his wife, who to get over her husband's lack of interest in stuff that married couples do, she does a morning mini marathon. There is 2 uncles too, one a hero of the war of independence, the other an accountant who dreams of growing a large cabbage and the painter aunt Mara. Of the children, there is the narrator and his brother Peter and Mara's daughter, the sarcastic Elizabeta (who isn't blood relative to anyone but her mother)
      In the farm house they purchased, they find a mysterious device that everyone is unsure but I think the novel really comes to life when an estranged brother of the wife, Svejk turns up. He is a bus driver. Svejk is a good soul but with nothing to his name, the family help him get some new clothes and then promise their support if he canfind a fitting vehicle that he can drive people with. Eventually he finds a job as an unofficial volunteer fireman.
      It is a pretty short book so I don't want to go into further. I did like the narrative style of the writer, I think it worked and I found the voice of the narrator to be appropriate to the age of the narrator. It is also a bit funny in some of the descriptions. I enjoyed it.
      * * * *
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