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Another of those 'characters go to isolated, happens to be haunted, house' tales. Why are we so fascinated by them? Because a house should be a safe home? Because we like to believe that our loved ones never leave? Because home is what we all recognise and should be reassured by so upsetting that is the scariest thing we can imagine? This one is different. This isn't family members the character's have never met. This isn't children versus elderly relatives. This isn't a groaning ancient manor house...well it is, but not in a Turn of the Screw kind of way.


Jack and Ali need fresh start. Leaving behind a traumatic event, they sell up and move into a commune in Rosalind House, an old psychiatric hospital in the countryside. Here this house is busy with a collection of people, each coming to Rosalind House for their own reasons, learning skills enabling them to be useful in this idyllic setting. Something goes bump in the night and things become not as they seem. But the ghosts here are of the present day kind not the ancient kind and the tales heads in a direction you did not quite expect at the start.


Hugely enjoyable.

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