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Apparently this slim novella was famously given to Bill Clinton by Monica Lewinsky. I can see why. The whole novel is a conversation between a man and a woman over the phone, over one night. It is one of those sex chat lines so popular in the early 90s. A version of Tinder I guess. They discuss their many sexual escapades with other partners, dress for each other, pleasure each other and discuss the nature of sex and love and modern relationships.


The book places the reader in a sort of voyeuristic relationship, a menage a trois with these two callers. It is in turns interesting, uncomfortable and erotic. Is it something I would read again? Probably not. I like suspense and it is utterly lacking in that. I guess if there was any it would be in the sexual play between the two which you know will end up in a climax. Pun intended. But you know. The purpose of their call is clearly defined from the get go.

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