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Tara and Kyle are sent to live with the grandparents they have never met after their mother is hospitalized following a car crash. The grandparents live in an isolated farm house living a charmed solitary life where they garden and bake. Despite the trauma of having to leave their mother alone in hospital, the children are happy to be so adored and waited on hand and feet by their loving grandparents. It is never spoken of, why their mother forbade contact. But the grandparents are so forgiving and bear no malice.


Until Tara hears bumps in the night and a strange man walks past her bedroom window. Then things begin to change. Suspicions grow and desperation sets in.


This started off as a so-so YA novel, how many 'sent to live with excommunicated family members in a haunted house' stories have you read, but the denouement is pretty horrific which will more than satisfy mature YA and adults alike. I have a few issues with the writing, which I wish I could recall to provide examples, which almost made me stop reading early on but I am glad to have pushed past this.

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