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One Of Us Is Lying

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This is an excellent YA novel which as an adult, I enjoyed just as much as any adult crime novel. A modern, deathly take on one of my favourite films The Breakfast Club - five students serve detention, each of them very different and during detention one of them dies. Right in front of everyone else, including the supervisory teacher. The boy who is killed wrote a gossip blog about the goings on in the school which makes him pretty much enemy number one.


In alternating chapters each of the four remaining students go through the aftermath of the murder. Suspicion, investigations - both formal and informal - petty, teenage dramas and love. I was pretty much gripped to this book. While the characters were stereotypes (the jock, the criminal, the scholar, the princess...) and much of the narrative is inspired cultural touchstones such as The Breakfast Club, McManus weaves twisty narratives from these pupils who each have their own traumas and issues to deal with over and above the crime for which they are all under investigation for.



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