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John R. Prado

Storage space for my books!!!

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I love reading books a lot. Now my room is completely filled with books.I'm going to abroad for my studies so I need to store them safely.
As I'm giving my room for rent and I need to clear out these books from there.I surfed the internet and found these storage solutions  offering self storage  units.
Is there anything else to bother? Hope that the self-storage unit will be the best. 
Please be free to share your experiences.

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Self storage units could very well be the best way to go, and there are many companies offering self storage facilities, but  your post looks like an attempt at advertising a particular one.

We don't carry advertising, neither paid for nor snuk into a forum post, so I have deleted the link you included. 


Feel free to continue the discussion, if anyone wants to share their self-storage experiences, but do not recommend, or criticise, specific companies.

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