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Triumph through Trials

Triumph through Trials: New Study Edition: The Epistle of James

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In Triumph Trough Trials: The Epistle of James , David R. Anderson provides insights that help apply the truths of James in times of trials. All through his composition of James, Anderson contends that God does not shield his children from preliminaries, but rather actually, enables preliminaries to come to our direction basically on the grounds that we are his children. He places this is exactly when God does his best work—incidentally, in the darkness of our preliminaries. Despite the fact that James does not give every one of us the appropriate responses, Anderson lights up how it offers a portion of the responses to why awful things happen to individuals. Anderson’s insights are challenging and empowering, as he shows how James is a letter that addresses the heart of God’s children, directing them through the occasions when the fog comes in.


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