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A Litererary Christmas, An Anthology

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I bought this as some seasonal reading and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a mix of poetry and prose by a variety of authors and is divided into sections : Before Christmas, The Nativity, Christmas Day, Christmas Fare, Christmas At War, A Child's Christmas, Seasonal Snow and Ice, and New Year.  It's illustrated too. It's a lovely book with contributions from a wide range of authors/poets and is very well worth a read. 


However, on page 69 I found this : egI cegouldn't thegink egitfegunnegier, cegould yegou?


Naturally I thought that it was an error and sent mine back to Amazon.  They replaced it with one that is exactly the same.  I then emailed the publisher - British Library - who has just confirmed that 'We have called the original material up from the archive and it is the same in there.  After looking into it some more, we can confirm that it was the author’s intention for the text to appear  as you have discovered it. The term for it is “eggy peggy” and the idea was to insert eg into each word that the character spoke.  Some very niche 1930s humour that obviously would look like a mistake to to-day’s reader!'


Caught me by complete surprise. 


Highly recommended.

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