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The Liars Wife

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The Liars Wife by Samantha Hayes
Well now, where do I start! After a fairly dodgy start with this book I finally got into it and then it was over before I realised where I was.
This book has a claustrophobic feel to it, you feel for the woman who has essentially been kidnapped and taken prisoner by this weirdo who is posing as her husband and the way it reads you are right there with her in her living nightmare .
The jist of the story is, there is a young woman who obsessively keeps herself to herself avoiding all social interaction with anyone, she has an accident on her way home from work – she is involved in a hit and run and ends up waking up in hospital with a broken leg and the nurse tells her that her husband has not left her side while she was unconscious, now that’s all very nice except she isn’t married and never has been.  The ‘husband’ shows up and she recognises him immediately and is shocked because she assumed he was dead but the reader isn’t let into the knowledge of who he really is. He produces a video tape which stops her from raising the alarm so the scene is set and you know that she knows what is on that tape and it is clearly something incriminating her in some way.  The story then starts skipping backwards and forwards through time explaining the reasons why the woman is such a hermit and what happened to her when she was at university and eventually what is on that video tape.
The ‘husband’ literally takes her over, he takes her from the hospital to house which he has turned into a fortress and essentially holds her hostage.  He becomes more and more unhinged when he steals a baby to build his ideal vision of a family.  He makes her call her work and tell them that she is resigning.  When she calls she speaks to a person who she has worked on projects with and who unbeknown to her has been trying to track her down after her accident.  It all slowly comes together and there is a big reveal and twist at the end as to who the husband really is.  Who he really is, is quite shocking but as I had actually figured it out about half way through, not such a huge twist for me.
It is very twisted and very disturbing especially when you realise who the ‘husband’ is and what he has previously done.  I enjoyed it as I do like sick and twisted psychological thrillers, but I also feel slightly disappointed as I managed to figure out the plot before the end, as I do prefer to be bowled over by the big twist and reveal, but sadly this isn’t the first time I have worked out the plot before the reveal in a book.

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