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Deliver Me

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Deliver Me by Karen Cole


Well so much for first book of 2019! I started this book mid afternoon of New Years Eve and as I was having a lazy day I stayed with it and I’d finished it by about 8pm so needless to say it’s not very long.


The general premise of the story is young girl goes to the doc and is told she is pregnant she is shocked as she hasn’t had sex for over a year but then she starts to remember a New Years Eve party and gaps in her memory, the story is basically her trying to find out who she had sex with and who therefore is the father of her baby. Things get more complicated as the person who did this is clearly stalking her as she starts getting texts, letters and gifts. It was quite an easy read, not a lot of depth considering the subject matter and it all felt pretty superficial but I have to say despite that I enjoyed it and I didn’t see the ending coming, and when it became clear who it was, it was a surprise. 


So all in all it kept me occupied me for a few hours it was entertaining but nothing special.

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