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My Brilliant Friend


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Did anyone watch this?  I did and I really enjoyed it.  It is very consistent with what I remember of the book and the two main characters are much as I imagined them.  It's all in Italian, with subtitles, which doesn't bother me at all, but it does mean that you have to just sit and watch, at which I do not excel.  I'm looking forward to watching the entire series, even if it is the week before Thanksgiving and therefore an incredibly busy time.

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    • By iff
      Did anyone watch this series, adaptation of the Gilliam Flynn novel.
      I hadn't read the novel beforehand (or any thing by Gilliam Flynn) but I found it to be a very enthralling series.
      Amy Adams, Patricia clarkson, Chris Messina all did great jobs.
    • By Viccie
      It seems that everyone has been talking about My Brilliant Friend , the story of two girls growing up in a poverty stricken Neopolitan district in the years after the war.  Lenu, the narrator, is hard-working and conscientious, her friend Lila is brilliantly clever, a star who dazzles first Lenu and then half the neighbourhood, but seems in this book, the first of a quadrology (if that's the word!) to be destined for disappointment and frustration. 
      As much as a tale of the bond between the two girls it's also a story of the neighbourhood, their neighbours, the changing life in the years after the war, the casual violence which seems to permutate the way everyone acts - tellingly in one scene it's shown that the better off don't behave that way, how fast everyne had to grow up.
      I found it uttterly absorbing, it's rare that a hyped book lives up to its promise but I hardly moved for several hours reading this on Boxing Day.I was completely drawn into Lenu's world,(which is so densely populated that I had to refer to the the list of characters at the front several times to place certain peple, but that didn't worry me), and love the way she describe a neighbourhood that is so completely different to anything I know with such economy of detail.  It's not a particularly easy read, you have to concentrate, but it's a very rewarding one.  Recommended.
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