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The Grip Of It

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We have seen, read and heard the haunted house trope a thousand times, even this particular sub genre of the house turning the new occupants mad but that shouldn’t stop you from giving this book a go. 


Jukie and James move into an old house. They don’t quite begin as the totally untouchable, totally in love, totally perfect couple about to be changed irrevocably by an ancient evil within the house. James is a gambler, Julie desperately tries to fix him, and so they move to this house to do it up and flip it, solving their financial issues and fixing their problems. 


From the first night they hear hear strange noises. Then the house plays with their minds. Their narratives are no longer trustworthy and in turn we alternate between a James chapter and a Julie chapter. Who to believe? 


At times it reminded me of The Yellow Wallpaper and I found the effects the haunting had on Julie’s body quite affecting, it took me quite a long time to get through this book and I am not really sure why. It’s an uncomfortable but gripping read. 

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