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Found 3 results

  1. My fantasy Ebook 'Secret Code of Magicians' is going free from 20th Feb to 24th February, 2015 Though it is the 3rd volume in the series, 'Magical Ventures of Loli and Lenny,' yet it can be read independently from the first volume and second volume Available at Amazon.co.uk - Please use the link at the top of the page. Also at Amazon.com - Please use the link at the bottom of the page. “Magical Ventures of Loli and Lenny,” is a fantasy series for children and middle grade. Packed with adventure and mystery this series will keep the young readers hooked as they follow the two young protagonists on their magical missions for planet earth.
  2. Hey all Book fans, I'm needing help and am looking to fellow book lovers for it, With the rage of the digital eBook for the Nook or Kindle or even the apps on your phone and tablet that allow us to read eBooks (I have a few, but prefer the physical version better), there is still something quite relaxing and magical about the Indy bookstore. A place where you can go in and spend time browsing the shelves searching for that special treasure and experience that the online market doesn’t give you or that smiling friendly face of the staff up front who happily points you to the book you’re searching for and especially the coffee and lounge area that lets you relax after a hard days work, gives a nice break during lunch or provides a hideaway for the college exam cram session (boy do I know this one!). eBooks will never replace a place like this no matter how popular they get and it’s sad to see that some Indy bookstores are leaving and succumbing to the online store. However, you can help to save the Indy Bookstore industry by supporting Tall Tales, LLC and backing our campaign on Indegogo! You get some awesome perks for backing us (we even have one where we name a Latte drink after you & let you design the flavor!) http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tall- ... /x/5497893 Even if you don't live in the West Plains, Howell County, Missouri, USA area, any help will get us off the ground and make a big difference to our community, especially the college students. It's hard to find supporters of a new bookstore but I have a mission and determination to see this through no matter what. It's a vital need in the community and something I hope to pass on to my kids some day. Would you consider helping? Even if it's not a financial backing, you can help by promoting the campaign on facebook, twitter, tumblr and whatever else you use, even word of mouth. Thanks everyone for taking the time to look at this thread P.S. Here's a look at one of the perks you get if you're a backer: It's an awesome tote bag you can use to buy books or whatever you want. I'm personally ordering one just for myself because I think it's just adorable!
  3. Firstly, Iet me declare that I do know Phil. He led the first story telling group that I ever joined and encouraged me greatly. I didn’t know anything about this part of his life though, and only found out from the book and a radio interview about the book. Phil has worked in journalism, marketing and research consultancy, training, lecturing and public speaking. He has already written three travel books and co-authored a football publication. Secondly, I’ll talk about the book. ‘Enjoy’ isn’t the sort of word for books like this, but it certainly kept me gripped. I wanted to find out what had happened. It was well written and the mysteries unfolded at a steady pace. This is the true story of most of Phil’s life. However, until recently he knew very little of it himself. He was abandoned as a new-born child in 1953. The care system, and the people within it, deliberately kept him ignorant of his family history and he was 45 years old before he had access to any information. He neatly uses the wad of reports which he was then given as the chronological framework for his story and he pieces the life he lived, through the child’s eyes with which he saw it, into this frame. Sometimes it fits and sometimes there are differences. Phil had to try to find the truth, try to work out what might have happened and try to fill in the gaps, like a detective. Like a detective finds, motives are one of the strong themes running through this book. At times they are stated, but were they the true motives or were they covers? At other times those in Phil’s life may not even have realised the subconscious reasons for doing things. There are also times when they knew very well. Phil does not write in self-pity. His spirit seems indomitable, as it does in real life and he finds the good and the precious in others too, but his anger and frustration does show through at times and that is understandable. He wonders why things happened, what might have been, if, and how did it affect him. He is particularly angry on behalf of his friends, and so should we be. He resists sensationalism but even plain facts and suspicions speak loudly. “a very powerful and moving love story … brilliantly written … a gripping detective story” Rt. Hon. Tony Benn “This is a brilliant evocation of a turbulent childhood, which I read at one sitting, interrupted only by a night’s sleep. It should be required reading for everyone whose life impinges on that of a neglected child and deserves a much wider audience. The author has woven together from records kept on him and his own memory, a fascinating account of his roots and how he came to be what he is.” Sir Ronald Waterhouse GBE “An important and moving book … the uplifting story of a man with an indomitable spirit.” Malcolm Dean Assistant Editor, The Guardian
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