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Found 9 results

  1. Hope nobody minds me re-starting this thread. <a href="http://www.myspace.com/lost_tribes_of_pop">Some more info about the book here.</a> <a href="http://observer.guardian.co.uk/omm/losttribes/0,,1033466,00.html">And an extract here.</a>
  2. Well, I've finished the book and enjoyed it a great deal, (and my husband has been eagerly awaiting me reaching the end.....so he can pounce on it as soon as I put it down!) Can I make the most of the opportunity to ask some nosey questions, Top Cat? At what point in the whole sequence of events did you start thinking, "Actually.....this might make a book" Was that in your head as a possibility right from the start, or did it only come afterwards, or somewhere in between? And, if the book idea didn't come completely after the events you relate....how much did that possibility, once yo
  3. Apologies for coming so late to this, but I only finished the book a couple of days ago, and I've been ridiculously busy lately and haven't been posting outside of my official status. I want to write on the other threads but most of all, I want to write about someone who only appeared in the book for a few pages. The person I found most resonant in Educating Peter wasn't Peter, or Tom even, but Roland. Or rather, it was the relationship between Tom and Roland - described in only a few pages - that resonated. I have had quite a few friends over the years with whom conversation was strictly l
  4. So, Top Cat - we've all read Educating Peter, (and the vast majority of us have loved it, is the impression I get!) and you've told us about "Nice Jumper" - but where do you go from here? Are you planning another book along the same sort of lines, or are you going to branch out in a new direction entirely? (Anyone like to offer any suggestions, or wise career advice )
  5. Those of you who've read Educating Peter might already be aware of my other book, but just in case you're not, I've pasted some blurb below, and I think Bill is going to include an amazon link. It's about golf, but please don't let that put you off. A lot of non-golfers seem to like it, and a lot of golfers seem to not like it - particularly a certain member of the committee at my current local course (not the one featured in the book) who thinks it is "disgusting" and "shouldn't have been allowed". Publishers blurb: 'At last a book about growing up populated by characters who aren't entirel
  6. Here's a link to a website I like called The Sleevenotes: the idea is that authors write pieces about records that they will always associate with a certain moment or person in their life. I've just written a short story for them which could quite easily have gone in Educating Peter. They have it on the home page at the moment, if anyone would like a look. http://www.thesleevenotes.co.uk/ Thanks! Tom
  7. ...of Educating Peter by Tom Cox, then I'm afraid you are too late. However, you can always take part in the discussions by buying the book through one of our Amazon hyperlinks, and simultaneously earning a few pennies for both Book Group Online, and Tom Cox himself (otherwise known as Top Cat). (Links to follow when I come back from the dentist!)
  8. I read this today in a couple of sittings and laughed out loud in parts and identified with quite a bit of it. It's also given me some ideas of how to approach my coming holiday in Scotland with my cousins and their thirteen year old 'goth' daughter and her friend. Don't get me wrong, we have a good relationship but I definately recognised some areas where I tend to go wrong when talking to her. I forget they only exist in the present and are mostly indifferent to the past and 'laid back' about the future. When I come up against teenagers and their culture I can't help but examine it against
  9. "Does for golf what Fever Pitch did for football... Funny, clever and all-too-horribly true." - William Boyd From the back cover: "During the summer of 1988, something strange and disorientating happened to Tom Cox: he became a teenager. Then, something even stranger and more disorientating happened: despite the best endeavours of his under-appreciated parents, regular exposure to music from an early age and a burgeoning fashion sense, Tom started to play golf. Lots of it. Finding himself inexorably drawn to a world of male-bonding rituals and curious trousers, Tom resisted the tempta
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