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Found 14 results

  1. This is the 20th Reacher novel and in my opinion it's a return to form after the slight disappointments of the last couple. Reacher gets off the train in the middle of nowhere becuse he's fascinated by the name of the stop 'Mother's Rest' and wants to find out where it comes from. And of course he stumbles right into the middle of something. It was slightly slow at the beginning but soon picked up and was a thoroughy readable book, unputdownable towards the end; Neither the reader nor Reacher have any clue what's really going on until the last chapters, which makes their impact even gre
  2. This is the 19th Jack Reacher book by Lee Child and I can't quite believe it. I have been a fan from the beginning. Yes, they are ridiculous but I really just enjoy reading them. They are ridiculously good fun and Jack Reacher for all his machismo, false modesty and ability to do the quite unbelievable, is still a great fictional character. Lee Child swaps his narration position in these books quite often - I prefer 3rd person, this is 1st person which I find jarring with these books, Nevertheless, it's a typical Jack book. A sniper has taken a shot at the French President and the only sni
  3. Jack Reacher has spent the last 2/3 books trying to get to Virginia to meet an officer he has only spoken to on the phone but kinda liked her. But now he is there and Susan Turner isn't there - she's been arrested. And Reacher is accused of a 16 year old murder and worse still, an obscure clause in the army means they can and do recall him to duty. This is the usual Reacher tale - the walls close in, Reacher saves the day with some awesome moves, Reacher gets the girl. This was a return to form. As much as I like the Reacher books, and I do, the last couple were good but not as good as usu
  4. I read Killing Floor six years ago now and then I read all Lee Child's books. I enjoy both Lee Child’s writing and his imaginative stories. I think he’s a remarkable man and I’ve found some really interesting interviews on this new web-site: http://www.jackreacher.co.uk. So how Jack Reacher are you? I’m pretty close to the real thing – just did a test on this new web-site. Quite cool!
  5. Amazon Blurb: Jack Reacher jumps off a bus and walks fourteen miles down a country road into Margrave, Georgia. An arbitrary decision he's about to regret. Reacher is the only stranger in town on the day they have had their first homicide in thirty years.The cops arrest Reacher and the police chief turns eyewitness to place him at the scene. As nasty secrets leak out, and the body count mounts, one thing is for sure. They picked the wrong guy to take the fall. The very first Jack Reacher novel, and it's a good introduction to a seemingly enduring character. It's the charater of R
  6. Amazon Blurb: Sergeant Amy Callan and Lieutenant Caroline Cooke have a lot in common. Both were army high-flyers. Both were aquainted with Jack Reacher. Both were forced to resign from the service. Now they're both dead. Found in their own homes, naked, in a bath full of paint. Apparent victims of an army man. A loner, a smart guy with a score to settle, a ruthless vigilante. A man just like Jack Reacher. The fourth Reacher novel in the series... I felt this one was the weakest of teh four I've read in the sequence. The writing is up to par, the mechanics of the plot are we
  7. Amazon Blurb: For Jack Reacher being invisible has become a habit. He spends his days digging swimming pools by hand and his nights as the bouncer in the local strip club in the Florida Keys. He doesn't want to be found. But someone has sent a private detective to seek him out. Then Reacher finds the guy beaten to death with his fingertips sliced off. It's time to head north and work out who is trying to find him and why. The third Reacher Novel by Lee Child, and I must say my favourite so far. We find out a little more about Reachers past and the villian of the piece is by far
  8. Amazon Blurb: Jack Reacher, alone, strolling nowhere. A Chicago street in bright sunshine. A young woman, struggling on crutches. He offers her a steadying arm. And turns to see a handgun aimed at his stomach. Chained in a dark van racing across America, Reacher doesn't know why they've been kidnapped. The woman claims to be FBI. She's certainly tough enough. But at their remote destination, will raw courage be enough to overcome the hopeless odds? The second Reacher Novel from Lee Child. I felt it was an improvement on the first. I enjoyed the way unfolding of the plot, it
  9. It's out in 10 days! I have it pre-order! It'd better arrive immediately! Woooo hoooooooo!
  10. The latest Jack Reacher book from Lee Child is a sequel to 61 Hours which was released earlier this year. After I read 61 Hours, I voiced my opinion that I didn't really know where the follow-up could go as the story in 61 Hours kind of, pretty much ended in that volume. Well, I was right, that story ended, and the only strands that connect that book to this one, Worth Dying For, is that Jack is suffering serious pain after hauling himself out the concrete, underground shelter on arm power alone, and that he is now en route to Virginia to meet up with Susan, the Fed he talked to on the phone d
  11. The 13th outing for Lee Child's Jack Reacher and unlucky for him, the book opens with Reacher riding a New York R train in the wee hours of the morning. One of his fellow passengers has caught his attention. According to Israeli military training, this passenger ticks almost all the boxes indicating a that your fellow passenger is a suicide bomber. Reacher's carriage-mate is wearing heavy, bulky winter clothing despite the Big Apple's heat. They are carrying a large holdall, muttering repetitively to themself, whilst staring straight ahead in a sweating, panicky manner. A few checks are missin
  12. I wait 18 months or so for a new one to come along, then gorge on it in one day. The Jack Reacher template is still intact. Jack comes across a town, something wicked this way comes, meets a gal, saves town, has girl, and leaves. The town this time is Despair, where after wandering into it, he gets arrested for vagrancy and thrown out of the town at break neck speed. But why did they not act on him thumping a police officer, and why did they want him out so quickly. Over in Hope, the adjacent town, a girl needs his help to find her husband who went missing in Despair, and a cop (female o
  13. A lone gunman unleashes pandemonium when he shoots into a crowd of people in a public plaza in Indiana. Five people are killed in cold blood, shot through the head. But he leaves a perfect trail of evidence behind him, and soon the local police chief tracks him down. After his arrest, the shooter's only words are, 'Get Jack Reacher for me.' What could possibly connect this psychopath and the wandering dropout ex army cop? RRP: £12.99, <a href ="http://www.thebookplace.com/bookplace/spring2005.asp?CID=BGO733" TARGET="_blank">The Book Pl@ce</a> Price: £9.09 Just click on book
  14. Firstly, before I say anything more, can I just state that I know these books are completely implausible, riddled with cliches, and complete and utter formulaic tripe? Now, moving on, the latest Jack Reacher book was just as good as I anticipated. Reacher is drifting as usual and checks his bank account (in a post 9/11 world he now has to have certain trappings of civilisation), and finds $1030.00 deposited in his account. He hasn't put the money in and it is such an unusual amount. He correctly surmises that this is 1030 is army code for assistance required and contacts his old team of S
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