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Found 5 results

  1. Lisa is waiting to pay her vehicle tax at her local motor revenue office, thermoprinted number in hand, trying to find the least bad plastic seat. As she begins her interminable wait, she looks around and observes her fellow man. Fellow man doesn't come out looking good. Then Lisa notices that someone is reading a magazine article written by her friend Olivia about nanoparticles. This is a short story that looks at ordinary people and how they look based on a single occasion in a mundane setting. The situation is familiar to all of us, is closely structured based on the serial calling of numb
  2. Austin North is an English teacher, determined to make poetry relevant to his pupils. He is under no illusions that he could have been a poet himself – he knows he could have had the same experiences as the great WWI poets and written nothing more profound than a postcard home. But he still loves his subject and wants to share that love with the kids. Blackberries is a strange story about cultural values and expectations. Austin is well used to resisting improper relationships; he is happy at home and seems to be competent at work. Yet there’s something missing. Maybe it’s not composing poetr
  3. Vincent Duncan is a novelist. He was first published at the age of 23; he has never had a rejection; he has a cushy job teaching creating writing at the local university and an annual tour of the US to look forward to. Duncan likes fast cars and fast women. He’s a success. Ithica In My Mind is a short story of a lazy man who has not noticed that the world has changed around him. People (both punters and publishers) are no longer queuing up to buy his books. He is no longer the star draw in his university department. His poor choices in wives and investments have left him in a precarious place
  4. Manuka is the story of Tom and Reuben, a couple of Australian chancers who set out for New Zealand to teach the locals how to break in horses. It’s set in the 1970s, but with the men finding themselves living out of swags in a remote camp, trying to clear the land of manuka scrub, it could have been at any point in the last 200 years. This short story starts out as a battle between the men and the elements – the cold seeping through the enclosed gorge is a far cry from the hot and open plains of Australia – but soon becomes a battle between the men and their own minds. Isolated from all exter
  5. E-publishing allows short stories to be published as their own, stand-alone products. Sticks, Stones is a very short example. We are introduced to Marianne, a travel agent who pressure-sells holidays to families visiting travel fairs. Broadly, she likes her job; she has friends who are just about close enough for her needs; she has a family and knows her children's friends and their families. It's not an exciting life - a counterpoint to the holidays she sells - but it works for her. The story hinges around her collecting her son Jack and his friends from football and seeing him taunti
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