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  1. Just checked the chronology, it certainly is all over the place! I wish the dates were included in the index.
  2. I love Holmes's decisiveness, he seems to know the truth well before anyone else, and usually just needs a few details confirmed before the confrontation/denouement takes place. I liked this a little more than the previous story as like Holmes we could be reasonably sure that James McCarthy wasn't guilty, just a bit too easy, and typical of the simple police methods of the time. The real culprit was a little more elusive.
  3. I found it really difficult to decide what I wanted Holmes to do in this situation for all of the reasons mentioned above. To tell her, I think would have destroyed her, how could she then continue to live with her parents knowing about their deception. Perhaps she would have left, then suffered all the social implications of the time? Not knowing was pretty awful too, subject to a life of despair and loneliness. I think Binker could be right about Conan Doyle 's use of the upheaval of the property act, to make a very pertinent point.
  4. I love the dress descriptions, they add another visual layer for me and of course are usually important for Holmes's deductions.
  5. Nice to have some quick reads in my bag again. I like short stories but don't read them often enough. I too liked Irene Adler, I think it's great to have her as Holmes out of reach adventuress, she could lose her mystique otherwise.
  6. I've just downloaded the audio book, maybe that will be easier to finish. It's narrated by Juliet Stephens, so that is a plus anyway. Should have looked here first!! I also have the Luminaries to listen to, where do I start???
  7. Anyone watching the new Ottolenghi series, I saw the first one, not sure if I missed one, must check the listings!
  8. It will be interesting to hear your views momac!
  9. [The problem of 'he' has been addressed in this novel, having been expanded on many occasions to "he, Cromwell". This I found mildly irritating, having become used to figuring out for myself who 'he' was, but I hope it pleases those who had problems with it in Wolf Hall.] I think I will find that irritating too when I get around to reading it, I never understood the fuss about it in Wolf Hall.
  10. My favourite book of Gillard's is A Lifetime Burning, I keep hoping she will return to that darker edgier style. I read House of Silence in September and while not really my type of reading, I know many people who really enjoy her writing. I did enjoy it, but for me as a once in a while read! This was what I wrote at the time. 'I like a little darkness in books, my brain must be influenced by all the crime books I read! On that front House of Silence only delivered a smidgen. You can by that comment guess which of Gillard's books is my favourite. Given the compact timescale, the characters were well developed and their individuality stood out. I thought Alfie a little neglected, and a greater insight into his feelings would have perhaps have given the story a different dimension. I have to admit I found Marek a bit too good to be true, I know he had a difficult past, but he never puts a foot wrong! The sisters were all interesting and did gel together, as a family, even a fairly odd one. Altogether it was an enjoyable read, but the ending was a little too cosy, life isn't as neatly packaged!'
  11. Has anyone started on Sherlock Holmes yet? Maybe I'm jumping the gun, has it been declared??
  12. Splendid news, missing your calm and knowledgable presence David.
  13. I really shouldn't get into any more series, but since this one is set in Melbourne, which is where the International Bookcrossing Convention is next April, it could be tempting... I'll check Amazon, through the link of course!
  14. Thanks for posting this Grammath, looking for ward to this series.
  15. Best wishes to you David, hopefully all will be well with you soon.
  16. Haruki Murakami ~ Kafka on the Shore Vikram Seth ~ A Suitable Boy Colm Toibin ~ The Master, Testament of Mary William Trevor ~ The Story of Lucy Gault Joseph O Connor ~ Star of the Sea Sebastian Barry ~ Sacred Scripture Cormac McCarthy ~ The Border Trilogy Ian McEwan ~ On Chesil Beach Jon Mcgregor ~ Even the Dogs, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things Kate Grenville ~ Secret River, Sarah Thornhill RJ Ellory ~ A Quite Belief in Angels The Crow Road ~ Ian Banks Jennifer Clement ~ The Poison that Fascinates Orhan Pamuk ~ My name is Red At last!
  17. Just lost my list I'm sure when I get back to it, it won't be the same!
  18. I've only read two from the Guardian list, Middlemarch and A Suitable Boy, enjoyed both of them. Glad to see This Thing of Darkness mentioned, I think when I originally read Lord of the Rings it was in one large volume and definitely another Shogun fan here, I can't remember how many pages Ulysses come in at, but I'm sure it must qualify.
  19. To give more choice I'll second The Hound of the Baskervilles. And I do remember reading it years ago and enjoying it.
  20. I went to the book shop to buy this last week forgetting it would only be available in HB! Could be up to 4 months before I can read it, it gives me time however to dig out an old copy of the Shining.
  21. I finished this last week and loved it. Interestingly Ozeki says at the end that she always reads her words out loud when she writes, I think this must contribute to how well she narrates the story. Authors, particularly poets can sometimes be totally the wrong people to narrate their own work but she is really good, it was a pleasure to listen. I wanted to start over again but my iPod was being stubborn and kept starting in the middle and I didn't have time to sort it out. Instead I noticed I still had Kafka on the Shore stored, so I started listening again. Amazingly how many 'time beings' there are in the first chapter and of course the boy named crow! I'm assuming she is a Murakami fan.
  22. It has been quite a while since I've read any SH. I'm very happy to see what others nominate and will join in the voting.
  23. Trying to catch up with Seamus Heaney reading Beowulf on Radio 4. Missed the first 2 episodes but so far have heard 3 and 4.
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